NF Series rotary net weight fillers

The electronic net weight fillers of the NF series are the product of more than 20 years experience of filling a variety of both liquid and semi liquid products.
The system is comprised principally of a self draining, pressurized tank with a pneumatically activated, hygienic valve. The net weight is detected by a load cell located beneath each filling station that is linked to a microprocessor.
In every cycle, the container is weighed before, during and after the completion of the filling with an automatic correction algorithm on the following cycle.
The operator interface consists of a Digital HMI on which all the production, statistical and efficiency data of the machine is available.
The fillers of the NF series can be supplied as a free standing version, a monoblock with capper or ‘Triblock’ with rinser and capper.
All machines of the NF series can be supplied in ATEX and anti-corrosion versions.

Download: DATA SHEET

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